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Feeling frustrated trying to find a software solution that fits your company? Tired of compromising on features you wish it had and functionality you won’t use?

Step up to a private cloud and customize any part of the software. With a private cloud, you are not limited to simply adding custom functions, you can now change any feature you like. As your business grows and changes, your software can grow with you.

Set your own rules and capture all the data needed to provide you with a complete picture of your operations.

Build a tool that becomes the very heart beat of your organization.

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Add powerful operational functions like activity and GPS tracking, work tickets, purchase orders, photo uploading, signature capture, inventory management, and more.

Create custom dashboards with the key performance indicators of your business.

Add monitoring screens to view real-time activities of work crews.

Take your website and customer service to the next level with a portal for your customers to place orders, review their account history, and pay balances.

Let everyone login! Provide secure, role-based access to all employees.

In addition to employees, you can provide logins for customers, suppliers, vendors, subcontractors, shareholders, and more.

Forced upgrades become a thing of the past. Off-the-shelf software often requires regular updates, while the custom edition requires you to accept all changes to the standard modules. With a private cloud... you’re in control! All updates are approved by you.

Should you wish to own your cloud outright, you can buy the source code and server at any time and take over complete ownership. See source code for further details.

Subscribe: $ 495.00/month

Example: A product consumption report for Chem Tec West, a cash wash supply company, that helps their customers monitor costs and prevent product overuse.

The report is build into Chem Tec's website for their customers to login to.

Not what you're looking for? Check out: White Label Source Code for Apps Source Code in C# Source Code in PHP

General Ledger

  • Complete general ledger with balanced journal entry transactions
  • Customize your chart of accounts to meet your needs
  • Record items, services, locations, jobs and more on journal entry details
  • Powerful Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow reports that can be filtered by location, job, product, service and more

Accounts Receivable

  • Email Invoices and Statements
  • One step invoicing : add a new customer, record payment and email the invoice all at once
  • Save invoices as recurring and quickly generate your monthly billings
  • Track sales by items, services, locations, jobs, salespeople, and more
  • Upload your logo

Accounts Payable

  • Attach scanned receipts, pdf's, spreadsheets and more
  • Use your phone or mobile device to take a photo and upload it
  • Save expenses as recurring and then quickly generate your monthly expenses
  • Track expenses by products, services, locations, jobs and more
  • Print Checks » order stock


  • Import bank statements and match them to existing bank entries or unpaid invoices or generate journal entries to record expenses or sales
  • Use blank check stock to save money and increase security (not available with any other cloud accounting software) » order stock
  • Reconcile journal entries posted to your bank accounts.


  • Complete sales tax tracking, reporting and filing
  • Tax options include : Cash Basis, Accrual or Due Date
  • Use Taxes Included to record sales and expenses when prices include taxes

Inventory Control

  • Bill-of-Materials for product assembly.
  • Assemble products then add labor costs and other admin.
  • Transfer inventory between locations
  • Record internal use or product given away for marketing.
  • Easily perform and record counts at remote locations.

Work Orders

  • Easily manage work orders with remote workers
  • Assign tasks to staff or subcontractors
  • Provide login access for both employees and subcontractors for maximum feedback
  • Upload load photos of before and after to document work completed.
  • Capture digital signatures or upload a photo of a signed copy.
  • Push results direct to receivables and payables for client billing and subcontractor payment.

Activity Tracking

  • Track GPS and mark your clients for location sensitive notification.
  • Arrive on site and the appropriate work order appears
  • Upload photos for site inspections, work completed, estimates, accidents, or any other need.
  • Create delivery routes for easily guiding trucks through their routes
  • Monitor results real time from the office.


  • Create custom quotes, estimates, and sales orders.
  • Develop complete bid packages with attached documents, spreadsheets, and more.
  • Create email blasts with product specials and other discounts.
  • Create a portal on your website for your customers to login to place orders, review their accounts, and pay balances.


  • Complete warehouse and inventory management
  • Print shipping documents including Tranportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) forms.
  • Send multiple shipments from orders.
  • Manage back-order products.
  • Generate receivable invoices directly from shipments.

Purchase Orders

  • Create a powerful puchasing system designed to save you money.
  • Load supplier prices lists to assists with lowest price options on substitue products.
  • Receive multiple shipments and manage back ordered items.
  • Generate payable invoice from shipment.


Access to information is critical for success, having your mission critical application at your fingertips on any device, anywhere, any time, can significantly improve your decision making and enable you to mobilize on opportunities before your competition. With economies and business moving faster every day, you need technology to provide you with the answers you need in the palms of your hands.


As the available devices connected to the Internet continue to grow, you need a solution that work on everything now and everything tomorrow. Bean Cruncher Accounting is built for the long term. Bean Cruncher Accounting Software works across all devices and platforms without the need for custom programming for each operating system. By keeping the software accessible from a web browser, you will be able to continue using it for years to come.

Nothing to Install

Bean Cruncher Accounting Software never requires installation and can instantly be updated for all users without installing updates on everyone's hardware. The power of the web has matured to a level that robust, complex, powerful software can now be built completely in a browser. Gone are the days of needing ever more powerful desktops and servers just to run the latest software editions. Now you can save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars by using inexpensive hardware and completely eliminate the need for in-house servers and IT staff.


Simon Shaw, CA

Simon Shaw, CA Simon is a technical visionary successfully leveraging technology to provide efficient and extremely effective results. Simon has a broad technical and strategic background, skilled at working with corporate leaders and staff to introduce new technology, and translate complex business requirements into robust cost-effective solutions. He has an exceptional ability to communicate complex technical information to business and non-technical audiences.


Simon began programming in 1982 and has been obsessed ever since. His main focus has been software applications for businesses and their accounting and operational departments. After graduating Carleton University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Commerce, he articled with BDO where he specialized in data auditing. Once he received his Chartered Accountant designation he quickly got back into software by joining an ERP development company.

In 2002 he founded a software company specializing in reselling Sage products and Excel based applications, including reporting packages and activity tracking tools. Simon’s applications qualified him to become a Microsoft Certified Partner and Sage Development Partner. He has created both custom solutions and retail software sold to other Sage software users.

In 2008 Simon discovered web based software development. He now builds web based applications that work on any device. Languages and tools used: AngularJS, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET, MS SQL, MySQL, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, XML, SSL, and more.


"My experience having the privilege to work with Simon was the best in my career. Simon was able to turn a near disastrous accounting software situation around on a dime and started from scratch. What another company couldn't do in almost a year of customization was abandoned and Simon had the company on track in 2 weeks. Not only is he a highly skilled programmer but he has the advantage of being a CA and understanding what is required to have controls in place to provide the tools to make a company profitable. He can provide what you need in a very streamlined fashion understanding various stakeholders' needs.

"He is personable and willing to deal with and instruct individuals at every level of the organization. There are lots of companies willing to attempt to deliver some semblance of what you may need for big bucks with no guarantees but i have no doubt Simon will get you the tool you need in a timely manner and with ongoing support. "

C­ar­ol­a Da­ib­er BSc, MBA, CMA


"Our firm has enjoyed working with Simon and feels that he has not only added value but will be a valuable asset to our team now and into the future!"

Patrick Fitzgerald
Owner Lifelong Financial Solutions Inc


"Simon is the consummate professional who always strives to provide the highest level of service to his clients. He is an excellent problem solver with an innovative approach to providing solutions."

Howard Whiting
Partner BAASS Business Solutions LLP



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