White Label Accounting Software

White labelling is designed for app developers, bookkeeping service firms, and businesses who want to sell their own accounting software. Accounting Internet Connected Devices
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White labelling is designed for:

    App developers who need an integrated accounting solution

    Franchisers looking to consolidate franchise results

    Custom accounting for internal needs

White labelling is NOT designed for:

    Accounting & bookkeeping service providers

    Resellers branding as their own accounting software

Options include:

    Custom Edition

    Source Code


Customize for Your Industry

Get your own white label accounting software completely integrated with your Business to Business (B2B) software.

Customize the accounting software for your industry and improve your competitive advantage.

Using our API, you can add accounting information and functions into your app such as; customer balance owing, financial reports, invoicing, payments, and more.

Stand Apart

By integrating an accounting software with your application, you will stand apart from your competitors.

Most business software includes financial information that require accountants to process, often through spreadsheets, in order to record entries to their accounting systems.

By using Bean Cruncher’s API, entries can be created and edited directly from your application to the accounting software. Eliminating significant amounts of data analysis and re-entry for the accountants, while also improving accuracy.

Few things make accountants happier than improved accuracy and elimination of the routine, tedious, difficult work.

Close More Sales

Accountants are often included in company purchasing decisions, so if they are excited about your application, it will be much easier for you to close.


Add custom features and modules for your clients' industry such as:

Activity and GPS tracking, work tickets, purchase orders, photo uploading, signature capture, inventory management, and more.

Create dashboards with the key performance indicators of your industry.

Add monitoring screens to view real-time activities of work crews.

Owning the source code gives you complete freedom.

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Rebrand as "YourCompany-BackOffice.com"

Bean Cruncher offers a unique opportunity to own and rebrand a back-office accounting and operations software, and then license it to your franchisees.


  1. Buy Bean Cruncher source code and rebrand as a product of your own
  2. We have a support team that will implement, train, and support the software
  3. Customize the system to optimize workflow and efficiencies
  4. Ramp-up to convert your franchises
  5. Ongoing technical support as needed

Key Benefits

  Create a new revenue stream by licensing the software to franchisees

  Generate consolidated financial results

  Franchisees can get relief from the stranglehold third-party vendors have over the high fees and unreasonable increases for their current solutions

  Customize the application to match your workflow for improved efficiency

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Service Providers

Rebrand Bean Cruncher as your own, then provide bookkeeping and accounting services to unlimited companies and up to 20 bookkeepers (unlimited bookkeepers if you purchase the source code).

Customize the accounting software for your needs.

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