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Custom Accounting Software

Bean Cruncher's custom solutions are for companies who need their own software.

By working with Bean Cruncher, you get a handcrafted solution that will improve your competitive advantage and increase profit.

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Accounting Software

Looking for a cloud accounting software?

Bean Cruncher Accounting is a powerful, unlimited accounting solution. Unlimited users, companies, locations, currencies, customers, and more. Start with our core accounting solution, then customize it to your heart's content. As your business grows and changes, so can your accounting software. You can expand it, change it, and update it as often as you like. You are in control.

Bean Cruncher is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Bean Cruncher can run on a single laptop or on thousands of servers with millions of users. Bean Cruncher is built for maximum portability and system environments.

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Interested in selling accounting software?

Bean Cruncher's white label accounting solution is for software companies who need integrated accounting.

By partnering with Bean Cruncher, you get a handcrafted accounting solution that will improve your competitive advantage and increase profit.

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Buy Source Code

Bean Cruncher source code is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Bean Cruncher can run on a single laptop or on thousands of servers with millions of users.

How? Check out our technology stack:
  Client side: Angularjs, jQuery, and Bootstrap
  Databases: SQL Server or MySQL
  Tenant style: unique database
  API server side: PHP
  API communication: JSON and Ajax
  Servers: Microsoft or Linux
  Development environments: Windows, Mac OS, or Linux

Bean Cruncher is built for maximum portability and system environments.
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 Custom Projects

Bean Cruncher has developed a number of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for multi-million dollar companies.

One app is used by over 900 field crew to record their activities at over 4,000 locations across western Canada. The app includes equipment management, work orders, purchase orders, bids, quotes, invoicing, and more. With photo uploading, GPS tracking, QR codes, and document management, the entire company uses the app to manage the process from bidding to payments.


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Custom ERP Software

Commission Life is an insurance and investment advisor commission tracking app used by one of the largest Sun Life offices in Canada.

Advisors can record customer information while meeting with the client and then process client investments. Commission can be shared with up to four advisors, then advisor invoices are generated and payments applied.

Commission Tracking Software

Built for a $350 million forestry company with eight vertically integrated companies and extensive inter-company sales, Bean Cruncher developed a highly complex budgeting and forecasting solution design to optimize profitability in a highly competitive, volatile industry.

The app imports historical financial and statistical data then allows managers from across the country to enter their key driver and metrics. Once reviewed by the CFO, the forecasts are imported into Microsoft Dynamics for comparison against actual results.

Budgeting and Forecasting Software

Oil & Gas

Bean Cruncher developed an oil & gas inventory tracking app for a billion dollar home heating oil company with over 800 delivery trucks and 200 tanks with shared ownership of liquid inventory. Liquid inventory poses a unique challenge due to the variable volume caused by fluctuations in temperature.

Service Vans

The same oil & gas company also required a service van inventory tracking system for their 900 plus service vans. Designed to enable service employees to enter periodic inventory counts for parts and supplies in their vehicles.

Car Wash Inventory

Bean Cruncher built a custom inventory software that enables the calculation of the amount of product used on each car by was type and chemicals used. Costs per car are then calculated and monitored to prevent over application of product during was cycles. This helps to keep costs in line with budgets.

Newscaster is a custom news publishing app used by hundreds of satisfied clients. Similar to a blog tool, newscaster provides clients with the ability to publish and send press releases to customers and journalists.

Bean Cruncher developed a multi-currency software solution for an international shipping container leasing company to consolidate financial results from 20 countries using 13 currencies. The project took a job that required two weeks a month by a senior financial staff to a few minutes for an accounting clerk.


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About Us

Bean Cruncher's founder has been building software for over 30 years. Customers include billion dollar, public companies on the NYSE in industries including; oil & gas, transportation, leasing, insurance, healthcare, banking, and more. Our software applications work across all devices, providing complete access anywhere, anytime.

Bean Cruncher's software architect is a Chartered Professional/Public Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Carleton University, Canada. By combining his programming skills with his in-depth business knowledge, Bean Cruncher can deliver powerful applications that solve real world problems.

All Bean Cruncher's developers are seasoned professionals. We have extensive libraries of code from successful projects that can be easily and quickly deployed to your solution. We use only the best tools available and program with industry leading languages.

Our Mission

Bean Cruncher's mission is to create a long term, sustainable company that provides ledgendary software development and support for our partners and customers.

The Founder

Simon Shaw, CPA

President & CEO

Simon Shaw, CA Simon began programming in 1982 and has been obsessed ever since. His main focus has been software applications for businesses and their accounting and operational departments. After graduating Carleton University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Commerce, he articled with BDO where he specialized in data auditing. Once he received his Chartered Accountant designation he quickly got back into software by joining an ERP development company.

In 2002 he founded a software company specializing in reselling Sage products and Excel based applications, including reporting packages and activity tracking tools. Simon’s applications qualified him to become a Microsoft Certified Partner and Sage Development Partner. He has created both custom solutions and retail software sold to other Sage software users.

In 2008 Simon discovered web based software development and how to connect a website to a database. He now builds web based applications that work on any device. Languages and tools used: PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, Ajax, JSON, XML, SSL, HTML, CSS, VBscript, VBA(MS Excel), and more.

Our Team

Kirk Walker

Lead Developer

Kirk Walker Kirk holds a 'nothing is impossible' attitude and delivers every time. His wealth of experience and endless number of programming languages enables Kirk to create excellent solutions to the most complex problem.

Kirk honed his programming skills amongst some of the best web development firms in the Okanagan valley. He has always strived to be innovative and new, and has been surrounded his entire career by like minded people who have helped shaped his view on business and business solutions today.

Kirk has experience with web programming languages going all the way back ASP and VBscript. Kirk has seen the technology change to Linux based server using PHP and mySQL. More recently, the need to develop applications in Java and Objective-C for higher profile clients in need of solutions for mobile devices has been Kirk's primary focus.



"Our firm has enjoyed working with Simon and feels that he has not only added value but will be a valuable asset to our team now and into the future!"

Patrick Fitzgerald
Owner Lifelong Financial Solutions Inc


"Simon is the consummate professional who always strives to provide the highest level of service to his clients. He is an excellent problem solver with an innovative approach to providing solutions."

Howard Whiting
Partner BAASS Business Solutions LLP


"Kirk is a real git-er-done problem solver. No problem too big or small. Whatever insanity we threw at him (and there was a lot!), he came back with a solid, working solution, and usually much sooner than we expected it. He's a smart, business savvy developer that adds serious clout to any team he's a part of."

Dale C. Anderson
Software Developer at Acro Media Inc